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Provider Profile: Smileroom

Smileroom is a "Family Club" in Sant Antoni known for its warm, safe, empathetic and respectful environment - both for children and their parents.

Its main objective? Help little ones develop their potential by promoting their happiness, independence, freedom and autonomy through practical life activities. And that's exactly where the team has been focused since opening their doors in 2017.

Indeed, at Smileroom, the children are the protagonists: they are guided by their interests and motivations. They're also given highly personalised attention: the groups are kept small and kids are spoken to in their native language.

The space has three rooms: one for arts and crafts activities and lunchtime, another for music, reading, constructions games and more, and finally a third for movement and dance.

Smileroom offers a range of services including their Kids Club, a flexible service for families with babies and toddlers, after-school workshops centred on themes such as baby steps, theatre and music, and camps during school holidays. They also rent out their space for private events and birthday parties.

In 2020, Carlota Chacín and Gabriela Fraga, childhood friends from Venezuela and educators at Smilerooom, took over the reins of the business. Passionate about kids and education, it was a professional dream come true.

Recently, they launched SmileHUB, a “school for parents” initiative where they offer content and workshops for parents on a range of topics such as baby led weaning, Montessori education and positive discipline.

"We are a warm and respectful space for the whole family, where children's smiles shine after each activity" - Carlota & Gabriela


Instagram: @smileroombarcelona

Ages: 9 months - 7 years old

Language: Spanish, Catalan, English Neighbourhood: Sant Antoni Address: Carrer de Entença 6, Barcelona


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